Tetronics spoke at the International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC)

21 - 23 Jan 2015

Tetronics’ Dr Tim Johnson spoke on behalf of Tetronics at the International Electronics Recycling Congress in Austria (IERC) in January 2015.


IERC is THE international platform in Europe regarding discussions on the latest developments and challenges facing WEEE worldwide. For the purposes of the European waste hierarchy, the primary goal of a sustainable environmental and resource policy is that goods no longer needed by the owner are not disposed of but reused or made available for reuse so as to reduce the volume of waste accruing.

In many cases, however, waste and hazardous waste, declared as “used goods” are exported to Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe. They constitute “stealth” illegal exports aimed at disposing of those wastes at a low price in these countries while circumventing the European waste management regulations.

Some of the key topics discussed included:
• How do countries and electronics manufacturing companies close the recycling loop?
• Worldwide take back schemes, quotes and challenges of systems and OEMS.
• Impact of waste legislation on the service/repair business.
• E&E recycling standards, compliance and controls.