Resource Recovery Solutions

Tetronics are the global leader in the supply of Direct Current (DC) plasma arc systems for a wide range of Resource Recovery applications. Our recovery solutions offer class leading recovery rates and are perfectly suited to treat a range of material streams, including: spent catalysts, electronic wastes, recycled batteries, mining residues, steel plant residues as well as other precious and base metal bearing materials. We offer a wide range of world leading sustainable, clean, economically viable Plasma technology solutions under flexible business models, from technology supply to build, operate and maintain.

Hazardous Material Treatment

Our plasma solutions are perfectly suited to treat a range of hazardous residues, including: Fly Ash and Air Pollution Control residue (APCr), Organics, Spent Potliner, Asbestos, Radioactive Wastes, Oily Sludges and Chemical and Biological warfare agents and precursors. Our Clean, technology achieves high Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) with levels of 99.9999% typically achieved, whilst generating value from hazardous residues.

Decarbonisation and Clean Heat

Our plasma solutions provide an environmentally beneficial alternative to fossil fuel based heat sources used in high CO2 generating industrial processes such as glass, cement, ceramics and metal manufacture . Our plasma solutions provide greater control of the heating process, increasing throughput and efficiency whilst potentially eliminating CO2 emissions and reducing specific energy consumption.

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