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Delivering resource recovery solutionsas circular as the Earth

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Taking responsibility for hazardous wasteTurn the page for a cleaner future

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Increasing recovery of nickelfrom secondary materials

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Metal recovery plant installedin Ekaterinburg, Russia

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Increasing Recovery of Nickel From Waste


  • Resource recovery

    From e waste to spent catalysts, we offer a wide range of world leading waste management and resource recovery solutions using our innovative plasma technology.

  • Hazardous Waste

    Tetronics provides innovative Environmental Waste Treatment solutions helping our clients deal with a variety of materials such as asbestos and nuclear waste.

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Some interesting Tetronics facts

  • 5 decades of experience

    delivering clean plasma systems globally

  • 90 plasma installations

    delivered across 4 continents

  • 20 years of operation

    in some of the most challenging industrial environments

  • 127 patents across 12 families

    either granted or pending

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