Local MP supports innovation from resident waste recovery company that's leading the way to 'Zero Waste' | Tetronics

Local MP supports innovation from resident waste recovery company that’s leading the way to ‘Zero Waste’

Technology developed by a UK company is eliminating the country’s fastest growing hazardous waste and recycling it into products such as bricks and tiles for the construction industry.

Tetronics Ltd., a global leader in the supply of plasma waste recovery plants for the treatment of hazardous waste and metal recovery, today received support from local MP who is keen to highlight the innovative, eco-friendly and intriguing technology being developed in his region.

Robert Buckland, Conservative MP, South Swindon visited Tetronics to hear how the company’s plasma based technology; the core driver behind their waste recovery plants, provides a safe and environmentally beneficial way of dealing with industrial hazardous waste, while generating a valuable building material by-product from the leftovers. During Buckland’s visit, Tetronics also explained how their precious metal recovery plants are helping companies to conserve natural resources through the urban mining of precious metals from other wastes, including: electronic equipment and car catalysts.

Stephen Davies, CEO for Tetronics explained; “We’re always pleased to receive local support and we are delighted that Mr Buckland has seen the environmental significance of our technology. With rising landfill costs, the tightening of waste disposal regulations and the limited supply of primary materials, companies are under on-going pressures to find alternative means of waste disposal, treatment and recycling. Our technology is a viable and proven option that provides a complete material cradle to grave lifecycle solution, removing a hazardous risk whilst generating value.”

According to Buckland, “Today has been an education on the pressures faced by companies to responsibly deal with their waste challenges. The level of expertise of the Tetronics staff and the strength of their plasma waste recovery technology are apparent by the number of pioneering global companies who have already invested in their solution.”

To date, Tetronics has successfully processed a huge range of challenging materials, including: nuclear waste, incinerator ash and other APC residues, PCBs and other persistant organic pollutants, asbestos containing materials and clinical waste to name but a few.

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