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Tetronics to Supply Plasma Hazardous Waste Treatment Technology for UK’s First Green Energy Park

The technology will turn the Air Pollution Control (APC) residue generated from the Biomass Power Plant into bricks and tiles for the building industry, thereby; ensuring close to zero residues to be landfilled.

Tetronics Ltd., a global leader in the supply of Direct Current (DC) plasma waste recovery plants for the treatment of hazardous waste and metal recovery, has been selected by Peterborough Renewable Energy Ltd., (PREL) to provide the plasma technology for Energy Park Peterborough, the first sustainable biomass power plant of its kind in the UK.

Energy Park Peterborough, which was granted consent by the Government Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) in November 2009, will take in mixed waste and – through a combination of recycling, gasification and plasma-enhanced waste recovery – recycle and remanufacture it, producing reusable products and renewable energy in the process. Energy Park Peterborough alone will save 600,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, create over 100 green collar jobs in the local community and produce enough renewable energy to power 60,000 homes.

Air Pollution Control (APC) residues, are generated from processes associated with the operation of Solid Waste combustion (approximately 80% generated by this route) and other thermal waste treatments. They are classified as hazardous waste as they can cause lung damage and skin irritations. APC residues typically account for approximately 3.5-5% by weight of waste throughput for thermal treatment technologies. The process chemistry in Tetronics’ plasma-enhanced waste recovery technology is designed to separate and destroy all the hazardous components leaving a totally safe non-hazardous material similar to granite. This non-hazardous product called Plasmarok™ can then be re-used as a building aggregate in a range of building applications so completing the sustainability cycle.

The project, due to begin in the first quarter of 2011, will be constructed around four key suppliers working in partnership with PREL, which is a subsidiary of Green Energy Parks (GEP). Each partner will provide specialised technology that will be instrumental in the energy recovery process and ensuring close to 100% recycling. Tetronics is currently conducting the preliminary engineering work for their contribution to the project.

Stephen Davies, CEO for Tetronics explained; “We are very proud to have been selected as one of the suppliers for this pioneering initiative that will be leading the way for future projects of its kind. Tetronics has decades of experience processing problematic hazardous wastes, such as the APC residue that is applicable in this project and we are very confident the development will be the flagship for numerous projects to follow.”

Speaking about the appointment Chris Williams, Managing Director for PREL said, “Tetronics’ plasma-enhanced waste treatment technology has been the final piece to the puzzle ensuring the absolute minimum of residues from the treatment process that need to be landfilled. Tetronics’ contribution has been vital in guaranteeing a practically zero waste facility is achieved.”


For more information about Tetronics please contact Kate Colclough on +44 (0)1793 838 690

For more information about PREL and GEP please contact Elin Twigge on +44 (0)7590 477 985

Notes for Editors

About PREL and GEP

Peterborough Renewable Energy Limited (PREL) was established in 2002 by a group of Peterborough business men to realise their passion for managing material in an environmentally friendly manner, minimising the need for landfill. Energy Park Peterborough marks the first step in making this vision a reality.

In 2010 PREL formed Green Energy Parks (GEP) to develop and expand the model nationwide. If rolled out to achieve the 4000mw of biomass power needed to meet the renewable requirement for 2020 for the UK, GEP is confident that a network of energy parks could deliver a saving of 36 million tonnes of green house gases and create over 5000 jobs.

For more information about PREL and GEP, please visit the website at: www.greenenergyparks.co.uk

About Tetronics

Tetronics is a global leader in the supply of Waste Recovery Plants. We have the capability to manage the complete deployment lifecycle of a Waste Recovery Plant from initial testing of the waste material at Tetronics’ test facility, the most comprehensive in Europe, through to the physical onsite installation of a full commercial plant and support. Tetronics uses its patented Plasma Arc technology to transform waste material including: hazardous waste into environmentally safe building aggregate, precious metal recovery from spent catalysts, energy recovery from waste oil, reducing the volume of radioactive waste and improving the quality and efficiency of steel.


How do we do it?

Tetronics’ patented Direct Current (DC) Plasma Arc plant technology provides the closest solution to Zero Waste currently available. This sustainable “green” alternative for waste management uses ultra-high temperatures to melt, gasifiy or vaporise any waste material, in order to treat, recover or generate valuable commercial products. Our technology has been tried and tested over five decades and has been used globally in more than 80 plants across a wide and varied range of applications.

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