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Tetronics & APP Now Hiring – Group Campaign Co-Ordinator

The position for Group Marketing Campaign Coordinator is to support with the promotion of sister companies, Tetronics Limited and Advanced Plasma Power.  Both companies utilise plasma technology for extracting maximum value from waste, thereby benefiting the environment by reducing the need for primary resources.  As a group, Tetronics and Advanced Plasma Power employ an expanding team of 60 people and operate the most comprehensive suite of plasma test facilities in Europe.

Tetronics is a specialist British engineering company recognized as the world leader with a 45 year pedigree in the field of high temperature plasma solutions. It is involved in the design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of such systems in a variety of fields of application for a global customer base. Based in Swindon, the company focuses on the environmental sector, including Waste Recovery, Hazardous Waste Treatment, Metal Recovery and Production Processes. Tetronics’ capabilities encompass everything from initial testing of the process material, through design, supply and onsite installation and on-going support of full commercial plants. 

 Advanced Plasma Power Limited is the world leading technology provider for advanced waste to energy/fuels plants, employing its globally patented Gasplasma® technology. The Gasplasma® process combines gasification and plasma treatment to convert waste into two high value outputs: a very clean, hydrogen-rich synthesis gas (syngas) and a vitrified recyclate product called Plasmarok®, each with multiple applications. The process is clean, modular and scalable, delivering high net electrical efficiency and maximising landfill diversion whilst minimising visual and environmental impact. 


To support the Group Marketing Manager with developing marketing campaigns for both companies.

Key Responsibilities:


–  Research and coordinate the relevant audience to target for campaigns in various international territories and sectors.
–  With the Group Marketing Manager, co-ordinate the execution of all campaigns.
–  Support with the evaluation of marketing campaigns and provide reports of the results.
–  Assist with the implementation of lead generation schemes to develop sales pipeline.
–  Provide assistance with online communications including emails, newsletters webinars, etc..

Data Management

–  To maintain, build and update the company databases and assist with campaign/CRM development.

Company Website and Blog

 –  Helping maintain and update website/blog content including company headlines, news and documentation. 
–  Support in the continuation of website/blog development, keywords, pages and campaigns.


–  To support with the organisation and attendance (where appropriate) of events and exhibitions.
–  Support with the coordination of client/prospect events/seminars.
–  Promotion of events.


 –  Providing administrative support to the Group Marketing Manager.
–  The support including printing, coordinating travel, preparing appointments, agendas and minutes of marketing meetings.

Marketing Collateral

Where additional support is required:

–  Assisting in writing and editing sales and marketing materials, presentations, white papers, and collateral.
–  Arrange for the distribution of marketing materials.
–  Liaising with designers and printers.
–  Copy checking of marketing literature.
–  Develop creative briefs and relevant email content.

Role Requirements:


–  Education Level – Secondary School or equivalent
–  GCSE in English


–  Experience working in a marketing environment (international experience would be an advantage).
–  Running multi-channel marketing campaigns.
–  Social media platforms.
–  Website development.
–  CRM/email marketing tools.


 –  Must be computer literate and familiar with standard Windows software.
–  Knowledge of CRM system would be desirable, preferably Sage.
–  Internet/web skills – able to demonstrate knowledge of Google –  Analytics, CMS and WordPress systems.
–  Good organisational and planning skills.
–  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
–  Good attention to detail and accuracy.


–  Must be well organised, committed and possess the ability to work effectively both as an individual and in a team environment.
–  Excellent organisational skills, able to multi-task and juggle a variety of projects.
–  Have the ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
–  Be self-motivated as well as be able to follow direction.
–  Must possess strong consumer and product awareness
–  An interest in the environment and technology in general would be an advantage

Start: Immediate

To apply
Click here to apply and complete the online form or send your CV/resume and cover letter to info@tetronics.com

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