Tetronics featured in Waste Management World (WMW) Magazine | Tetronics

Tetronics featured in Waste Management World (WMW) Magazine

Plasma Arc FCC Catalyst Recycling to Benefit from Asian Boom

It is an extraordinary fact: during my own lifetime the global population has more than doubled from around three billion to more than seven billion.

Equally sobering is that this growth will continue unabated well into the future and by the time I reach retirement (assuming it hasn’t been banned by the time I get there), there will be around three times as many people on the planet as when I was born.

In case you’re wondering, most of this growth has been and will continue to be in the cities of the developing world and this is a huge force for global technological and economic change.

In particular, experienced watchers of such things expect this general population growth to be accompanied by especially strong increases in the size of the middle classes of these expanding economies, which of course will result in a sharp increase in demand for all kinds of materials and chemicals as new generations strive for improvements in living standards and material goods.

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