Plasma Power - Tetronics featured in CIWM December 2013 | Tetronics

Plasma Power – Tetronics featured in CIWM December 2013

Dr David Deegan, Technical Director at Tetronics International, gives a flavour of what plasma technology can offer.

Sustainability… what does this mean? It is often a term that means many different things to different people and organisations based on their perspective. When examined in detail, the definition is quite complex, something that Chartered Environmentalists will be more than familiar with. It is also something that is linked into addressing concerns around the subjects of strategic materials, critical materials and the development of cradle-to-cradle circular economy models. Therefore, you may be surprised to find out that the fulfilment of these requirements has been successfully supported by Tetronics’ patented plasma technology for a considerable period of time on a commercial scale. Plasma technology sits as a recovery solution within the waste management hierarchy and is seen as a solution for the recovery of material values from wastes.

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