Latest news on our e-waste project in partnership with Innovate UK | Tetronics

Latest news on our e-waste project in partnership with Innovate UK

Jerome Trefalt a Project Manager at Tetronics International tells us why he is enjoying working on our new e-waste project.

Tapping into a billion-pound e-waste market

Did you know in the last five years alone; 12.5 million computers have been thrown into UK landfill. With over 50 years’ experience in plasma solutions for waste recovery, we think this statistic needed to be changed, and so did Innovate UK.

For those that don’t know us, Tetronics International is globally known as a leading pioneer in plasma recycling solutions. We design, engineer, build and export plasma plants across the globe and are seen by our peers a leader in British innovation. In February 2015, Innovate UK granted us the opportunity to lead a consortium of companies to unlock the value found in discarded electronic products, such as laptops, phones, TVs and even toasters.

Every journey starts with a single step

I worked on this project at its initial stages; from the competition announcement by Innovate UK, to the building of the consortium and the awarding of the grant in 2015. I was then thrilled to be asked to take over as lead Project Manager on this world changing green project by my CEO in early June of this year.

Today, with not long left until the launch, I feel a massive sense of achievement working on a project with non-moveable timelines, strict budget criteria and mixed opinions from various partners and colleagues in the way this project should evolve.

Stage one of the project was to get the concept, modelling and design approved. Working with so many bodies, this was the hardest of all the stages in my project plan because it was still on paper and not yet physically brought to life. By implementing a strict process, I received a unanimous “yes” on the architecture of the designs.

I knew the next stage would be another challenge, convincing our engineers to turn the new plasma concepts into life. Without fail, all our engineers delivered in the first time of asking, which is something I am very proud of our team for. We are now on the final stretch coordinating all of the equipment to be delivered onsite.

The finish line is just the beginning

It worked on paper; it worked in an engineering lab, and now the real thing. We are moving into production of a 1 in 10 scale plant based in Swindon, to demonstrate how our plasma solution can benefit the environment. On Monday 11th July we began the construction of our plant and it will take around four weeks to complete the build and four weeks for live testing.

On a personal note, my project team have been delighted to have something new, challenging and out of the ordinary to work on. Working with partners who have joint interest in the success of the project makes it a pleasant work environment, although not without its challenges. There is a famous quote that rings true with this project, “The P in PM is as much about “people management” as it is about “project management”. The design challenges are now behind us and we are all eager to enter the commissioning phases leading to switching it all on and proving it all works!

Together with Innovate UK we will keep you informed with all the latest developments from the project.

To find out more about our e-waste solutions please visit our e-waste page.

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