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Tetronics attend the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition

Our events executive Jess Smith gives us her account of Tetronics recent trip to Japan and our attendance at the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition.

Back in August, Tetronics International were invited by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to attend the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition Oct 31 – Nov 02. We joined forces with our Japanese partner KBK, who are based in Tokyo. We would like to thank Akio Hanaki and his team for their great support during the show.

The main purpose of the exhibition was to act as a platform to bring together both small and medium-sized business of the greater Tokyo area and allowing them to showcase their superb technology and products. Further to this, The Tokyo Metropolitan Government supported an International Zone with an aim to promote Japan as a prime business location. And what a perfect business location are exhibition was based in.


Walking up to the Tokyo Exhibition Centre known as the ‘Big Site’ was a great spectacle. A futuristic designed building that looked like it had come from a scene in the latest Star Wars movie. Entering the exhibition was a true showcase of all Japan had to offer. As with all activities in Japan, the language barrier does come into play, however at Tetronics International we were perfectly prepared with our Japanese agents we have working in the field.

We also had help from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government which included artwork translation from English to Japanese, personal interpreter and a Japanese advice service when talking to various Japanese companies. With such a great business service, we would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the team at Big Site.

So, there we are in an iconic building, with brilliant support services and an amazing set of innovative businesses, we were in a great place to focus on our business objective of promoting and discussing our plasma solutions. Over the past 25 years we have been engaged with Japanese market from research and development through to commercial solutions and we continue to promote these throughout the event.


One great opportunity was to create a promotional video that would be shown on the daily broadcast across the arena on large screen and soon to be on YouTube. The other business opportunity was to do a live presentation to the main hall to over 300 people on the benefits of plasma in the hazardous waste environment. Fronting both the video and the presentation was Les Liddiard the Vice President of Asia at Tetronics International. Les has over 20 years of experience with high temperature plasma applications and is experienced specialised in the Asia Pacific region.

After three days of meeting, greeting, discussing and selling we came to the end of the show. With over 60 discussions we felt that the event proved to be worthwhile in understanding the future Japanese markets, the ability of the Japanese to innovate and the relationship between plasma and its future requirements in Japan. A three-day exhibition of which we would like to thank the Government, KBK and Les Liddiard for making it a successful relationship building event.

Look out for my next blog covering Trade Missions to Taiwan and Japan hosted by the Department for International Trade.

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  1. Well Mr. Les liddiard was amazing guy. I met him at exhibition and I had a very good time to talk with this gentleman. He’s knowledgeable and funny. Very happy to have him working with our company.

  2. Allie on December 24th, 2016 at 2:45 pm

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