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Meet our engineering apprentices

My time at Tetronics International

by Connor Meyrick (Engineering Apprentice, Tetronics International)

A great company to work for

I have been working at Tetronics as part of my electrical and mechanical engineering apprenticeship for nearly two years. Tetronics really stood out when looking for my apprenticeship as not only is it a company with forward thinking pioneering technology, it also showed potential to travel abroad.

Tetronics didn’t disappoint! I’ve had some amazing opportunities to travel with the company and made some great friends along the way. One of my favourite trips was when I got to fly over to the U.S. and help with the installation of one of our e-waste facilities.

It’s not all international jet setting though, we have heaps of R&D projects that we work on at our head office in Swindon. From government funded projects, to trials for new clients, we always have something new and interesting to work on.

A real sense of achievement

The knowledge that I have gained from my supervisors and other work mates over my apprenticeship has been second to none. You get a real sense of achievement from building electrical control panels and mechanical sub-assemblies back at the Swindon factory and then seeing it installed in front of the customer in numerous countries.

I am very much looking forward to being included in some upcoming commissioning visits to further my knowledge and experience – and hopefully visit a new country in the process! I’m also eager to learn more from different departments in the company, to help me gain wider experience of the way the company operates.

Every day offers something new

A typical day might involve laying out some control panels whilst drilling and fixing components. This would lead to wiring the panels using technical drawings provided by our engineering team. This of course is all carried out under supervision from my line managers.

Other days might involve lighting maintenance around the company buildings, and installing toilet seats…I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty when needs be! It’s not all dirty work though as I have also broadened my IT knowledge with different types of software such as CAD, SCADA and Land Software and daily use of Microsoft Office Suite.

I would like to thank everyone that I have worked with at Tetronics so far, and I can’t wait to get off this computer and back into the workshop!

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