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Behind the scenes at China Britain Trade Expo 2017

Jessica Smith, Marketing Executive of Tetronics International gives her account of our recent visit to China Britain Trade Expo 2017

In the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, the China Britain Trade Expo 2017 occurred at a pivotal time and welcomed senior business leaders from China and the UK to discuss future trade, import, export and investment opportunities. The event took place at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre a world class facility in the heart of Westminster.

In attendance to the event were the China Guangdong Economic and Trade Office UK. Guangdong, with a population of 106 million, is arguably the trading capital of China with 21 cities that include Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The Guangdong office in the UK represents the Guangdong province of China and is responsible for the promotion of economic ties, trade manufacturing, technological and international investment.

Working with our partners

We attended the event with our sister company Advanced Plasma Power (APP) sharing an exhibition stand as well as presenting in a special energy innovation session. The exhibition took place in the Pickwick room where a mix of businesses from the UK and China were housed whilst the presentations took place in the impressive Cambridge room.

The Energy Innovation session was dedicated to the work of Tetronics, APP, Progressive Energy and National Grid Gas Distribution who have been working towards the world’s first commercial plant to produce biomethane from household waste – find out more here. Dr Tim Johnson of Tetronics also took the opportunity to speak about Air Pollution Control Residues (APCr) and our plasma treatment process.  All three parties spoke to both a full auditorium and through the virtual world where their session reached around 60K viewers across China. Click here to view Tim’s presentation on Air Pollution Control Residues from the event.

Helping the pollution problem in China

You may not be aware, but APCr is a growing problem in China and is part of the government’s 13th five-year plan in cleaning up the country’s pollution problem, and therefore a hot topic to take to an event such as this. Tim delivered an excellent presentation engaging the audience very well in a more complicated topic than the previous session’s.  The presentation was very well received by the Guangdong Office with a subsequent meeting taking place after the session.

Tetronics would like to thank Dr. Wu the Chief Representative of the Trade Office for his time at the event and his willingness to establish a relationship with our company. Dr. Wu outlined key locations and organisations for immediate project potential in the Guangdong province which could be a promising prospect for Tetronics.

The future looks bright

Heading back from London the Tetronics team felt optimistic about future business in China. Through discussions and listening to presentations it became clear throughout the day that China has a positive view on Brexit as they believe there is opportunity to be had rather than risk.

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