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Green gas trial hailed a success as preparations gear up for commercial operations

Cadent (formerly National Grid Gas Distribution) has hailed the success of the green gas trials in their latest press release. The green gas trials use Tetronics plasma arc technology at the heart of the process to generate clean renewable energy from waste. Read more detail about the project in the Cadent press release below:

New gas distribution company Cadent has been supporting the trial in Swindon, which uses game-changing gasification technology to make BioSNG (bio-substitute natural gas) from household waste. It is also providing £8.6m of funding to support building the world’s first commercially operating plant in the town.

This week visitors from French energy giant Engie were given a fact-finding tour of the plant in Swindon and Cadent has also released a film online which showcases its ground breaking venture into a technology which has the potential to be a global phenomenon in both providing green sustainable energy and in helping to address the dwindling amount of space to bury landfill.

The new report concludes that the project has proved the technical and commercial feasibility of making waste into gas, something demonstrated by the decision to build the new commercial green gas plant.

David Parkin, Cadent Director of Safety and Network Strategy, said:
“The trial has been a real success and the construction of a commercial plant that will produce large volumes of green gas is well underway.
“This gas provides low carbon, sustainable and affordable energy that can be used with existing gas boilers and cookers or to fuel gas powered lorries and buses.
“It also reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill, and green gas fuelled vehicles cause much less pollution than diesel making them particularly suitable for inner cities.”
He added: “At Cadent we are highly focussed on developing exciting and innovative new energy solutions.”
“BioSNG has the potential to be rolled out across Britain and the world. It’s just one of a number of new game changing technologies Cadent is working to develop.”

Once operational the £27m commercial plant will help fuel a fleet of 40 trucks belonging to Howard Tenens, a local logistics company, resulting in an 80 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions for the fleet.

By the first half of 2018 the plant will also be capable of supplying gas to homes, businesses and community facilities. It will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5000 tonnes per year. In the long term the technology has the potential to provide 100TWh (terawatt hours) of green gas a year – enough to fuel all of Britain’s heavy goods vehicles or meet one third of its domestic heating demand.

The plant is being built by consortium partners Advanced Plasma Power, Progressive Energy, Wales & West Utilities, CNG Services and Cadent. Backing of £11m for the plant was awarded from Department for Transport’s Advanced Biofuels Demonstration Competition in September 2015 and over £5m from the Network Innovation Competition, run by energy regulator Ofgem.

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