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Tetronics Secures Significant Mixed Hazardous Material Treatment Project in China

Tetronics is delighted to announce its’ plasma arc technology has been selected to process mixed hazardous industrial waste streams for a major Client in China. Puma (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Company Limited (“PUMA”) and Tetronics have signed a contract for the project that will deliver two large plasma processing lines to be co-located on the prestigious Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP).

This hazardous material would have traditionally found its way into landfill, which is both environmentally damaging and not sustainable as hazardous landfill capacity reduces in China with sites filling up. The plasma facility will safely transform hazardous material into resources that can be reused in safe, environmentally friendly applications.

Today’s announcement means the plasma facility will be delivered during the first half of 2022. It will process 40-60,000 tonnes per year of hazardous material, depending on the composition of the input material.

Tetronics is a global leader in environmentally friendly hazardous material treatment solutions.

Puma (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Company Limited is a company controlled by Fortune 500 company, CP Group. CP Group operates across many industries ranging from industrial to service sectors, which are categorized into 8 Business Lines covering 13 Business Groups. Currently, the Group has investments in 21 countries and economies.

Tetronics’ plasma technology offers market leading hazardous destruction performance, whilst having the smallest impact on the environment and lowest cost base of thermal processing solutions. Tetronics’ process eliminates the hazardous elements contained in the material and it is transformed into an approved, inert, reusable building product called Plasmarok®.

This new facility will be the steppingstone for multiple similar projects in China as the Country strives for sustainable, environmentally beneficial solutions to disposing of the  hazardous by products from its ever-expanding industrial base.

Tetronics global dominance in providing clean plasma technology solutions for multiple applications and markets will be further strengthened and this project will join other Tetronics installations across North America, Europe and the balance of Asia to showcase the success of Tetronics technology.

Graeme Rumbol, CEO of Tetronics, said:

“We are proud to support China’s Investment in advanced, environmentally beneficial technologies as it strives to lead the world in sustainable hazardous material treatment solutions to support its growing industries. This project will reinforce our strong relationship with PUMA and in partnership with them, Tetronics looks forward to rolling out our technology across China.” 

Mr. Long YUAN, CEO of PUMA, said:

“Puma is pleased to work with Tetronics exclusively, on the application of the treatment of various hazardous wastes using Tetronics plasma technology. This will minimise the use of landfill, and provide a sustainable and environmentally beneficial alternative to the problem of disposing of hazardous industrial waste.”

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