Decarbonising industrial processes

Manufacturing is packed with carbon-intensive processes that rely on heat. Creating heat consumes power. Lots of power. Converting the heat source from fossil fuels to plasma power massively reduces carbon emissions from greenhouse gases. Plus, it gives your processes a more controllable, more efficient heat source that reduces energy consumption without compromising the quality of your output. Manufacturers of metal, glass, paper and ceramics can all benefit from turning to clean plasma torches to decarbonise heat-intensive processes.

Tetronics’ experience in the application of plasma technology has resulted in an enviable international reputation, not only for the quality of plasma systems but also for the depth of technical expertise.

Benefits of Tetronics plasma power in industrial decarbonisation


  • Greater control of thermal input for gas-space heating and greater process efficiency
  • Higher working temperatures and functionality than fossil fuel equivalents
  • Consumes less energy, shortens process residence time and reduces emissions
  • Improves process throughput and stability without compromising quality
  • As a standalone heat source, or with electric boosting, a plasma burner can achieve full ‘electrification’
  • Enables electrified processes to use renewable-based grid power
  • Helps meet global environmental targets and national environmental regulations
  • Proven in the production of speciality technical ceramics and other industrial products

Case study

Decarbonising the glass industry

Plasma technology


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