Recovering critical resources

Today’s insatiable demand for valuable yet finite resources comes at a high economic, environmental and even human cost. It makes sense to recycle and recover those valuable resources rather than continually mine new materials.
Plasma recovery technology delivers a clean, efficient and cost-effective way to mine the waste mountain.
Plasma recovery technology helps recover critical and valuable minerals from electronic waste, valuable materials from difficult-to-process powdered or particulate mining residues, even platinum group metals from spent catalysts.

We selected Tetronics as they are considered the world leader in the supply of plasma systems and have extensive experience in the delivery of metal recovery solutions specifically designed for the recovery of PGMs from catalyst wastes.

Benefits of Tetronics plasma power in resource recovery


  • Generate revenues from the high-value recovery of precious metals and copper
  • Eliminate hazardous materials contained in electronic waste, such as POPs and heavy metals.
  • Prevent or limit new mining activities
Ores and mining


  • Separates valuable metal and minerals from residual mining material
  • Treats hazardous elements from residual material
  • Transforms less valuable material into Plasmarok®, an inert, vitreous, reusable building product in a single processing step
Spent catalysts


  • Recover platinum group and precious metals from both automotive catalysts and industrial catalysts from chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Couple the highest recovery/operational flexibility with the lowest environmental impacts and cost base

Case study

Critical Minerals Recovery

Plasma technology


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