A Second Life for Critical Raw Materials | Tetronics

A Second Life for Critical Raw Materials

20 - 20 Feb 2019

Tetronics will be attending the ‘A Second Life for Critical Raw Materials’ conference in London


We are looking forward to attending the upcoming ‘A Second Life For Critical Raw Materials’ conference in London on 20th February 2019. The event takes place at the Royal Society in partnership with DEFRA and Innovate UK.

‘A Second Life for Critical Raw Materials’ will explore how all parties can work together to increase the recovery of critical raw material from WEEE.

This is also the Final Conference of the Critical Raw Material Closed Loop Recovery project (CRM Recovery) which, with the support of the European Union through the LIFE Programme, has supported collaboration and innovation in regional trials across the UK, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic. The project aims to increase the recovery of target CRMs by 5% by 2020.

We have curated an exciting, interactive, innovative and informative programme to both celebrate the successes of the CRM Recovery project and to discuss the way forward towards increased CRM recovery targets.

Conference Themes:

  • How do we increase the collection and recovery of critical raw materials from WEEE?
  • How are businesses, funding bodies and research organisations approaching these challenges across Europe?
  • How do we work together to establish an effective supply chain?


  • Presentation and discussions around the CRM Recovery project’s Policy & Infrastructure recommendations.
  • How CRM Recovery collaborative trials have addressed the main challenges. Short, visual informative presentations.
  • Expert speakers reviewing collection and recovery methods and policy opportunities.
  • Keynote Industry Speakers.
  • EU Policy perspectives from the European Commission.


Click here to find out more about the conference and sign up to attend.