Tetronics attended Electronics and Car Recycling Conference 2016 | Tetronics

Tetronics attended Electronics and Car Recycling Conference 2016

06 - 10 Aug 2016

Tetronics headed to Macau for the Electronics and Car Recycling Conference


Do not miss this highly informative conference with leading recycling experts from around the world – including manufacturers, recyclers, refurbishers, remanufacturers, recycling associations, legislators and policy-makers.

Top reasons to attend:

– Asia’s power has a strong impact on the international recycling business

– Premier electronics & cars recycling conference in Asia-Pacific where Western recyclers and OEMs can meet with the Asian electronics & cars recycling industry

– Outstanding conference program: Opportunity to hear about the most pressing issues

– Integrated exhibition area within the conference location, offering a perfect backdrop to find out, one-on-one, what’s new in the global electronics & cars recycling region

– Participate at one of the various, informative workshops

– Plant tours: Opportunity to visit actual recycling facilities to develop a feel and understanding for what’s happening inside Asia’s fast-developing electronics & cars recycling industry

– Intimate platform to interact with speakers, exhibitors, business partners and potential clients during the cocktails and coffee breaks and at the meet your clients reception