Industrial Clean Heat Sources

Decarbonising Foundation Industries

Foundation Industries (FI) comprising metals, glasses, paper, ceramics, cements and bulk chemicals are facing the challenge of transforming and developing radical innovations to increase their sustainability and reduce carbon emissions.

How Plasma Technology Can Help

Replacing fossil fuel based heat sources with Plasma heating will significantly reduce green house gases, providing greater process efficiency, and reduce energy consumption whilsy maintaining product quality.




Plasma heating, would enable greater control of thermal input for gas-space heating, providing greater process efficiency
Plasma will reduce energy consumption, process residency times and emissions whilst improving process throughput, and stability without compromising quality
Deployed as a standalone heat source, or in conjunction with the recognised benefits of electric boosting would allow a plasma burner to achieve full ‘electrification’
Electricity used to power the fully electrified process can utilise renewable based grid power, eliminating the dependency on fossil fuels and the CO2 emissions they create
Adopting Plasma heat sources aligns with the tightening of global environmental targets and national environmental regulations
Working temperatures and functionality above and beyond conventional fossil fuel equivalents
Tetronics has already deployed this technology for the production of high-quality, speciality technical ceramics, specifically, large section pure silica billets and other specialist inorganic powder products


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