Manufacturing & Industrial Processing

Manufacturing & Industrial Processing

Tetronics understands the unique and often varied challenges faced by Foundation Industries such as glass, ceramics, paper, cement, bulk chemicals and metal manufacturing sectors.

Resource Recovery & Industrial Waste Treatment

We provide a range of solutions to help not only drive the recovery of metals, for example from residues such as steel plant dust, we also provide solutions for the treatment hazardous industrial wastes generated during the manufacturing process such as Spent Potliner generated during aluminium production.


The Challenge facing Foundation Industries is how they can transform and develop radical innovations to increase their sustainability and reduce their carbon emissions. Plasma clean heat sources provide an environmentally beneficial alternative to fossil fuel based burners and delivers reduced specific energy consumption, reduced CO2 emissions (eliminated if powered by renewable electricity), increased throughput and improved process efficiency through greater control of the heating process.

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If you have a manufacturing waste or industrial process decarbonisation challenge and need support with resource recovery, hazardous material treatment, or decarbonisation of an industrial process, , then be sure to contact us.