Case Studies

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Incinerator Ash Vitrification Facility

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) are a leading supplier of energy from waste/ incinerator plants in Japan and South East Asia and required an efficient technology to vitrify the volume of fly ashes they were generating.

Hitachi Zosen

Incinerator Ash Vitrification Facility

Hitachi Zosen has constructed over 50 Energy from Waste/incinerator plants in Japan, generating over 300 MW of electricity. During their operation, these facilities generate hazardous fly ash. Environmental regulations in Japan require that the bottom and fly ash produced in the incineration of municipal wastes must be vitrified.

Duncan Recyling & Refining

Precious metal recovery from spent catalysts

Duncan Refining and Recycling’s (DR2) President, David Nichols, made the decision to install Tetronics’ plasma arc technology at its plant in Oklahoma after seeing it in action during a trip to Europe two years ago. After recognising the technology’s potential, he decided to make it central to his new business, which will use plasma to extract and refine the valuable platinum group metals and ceramics found in catalytic converters.

Recovery of Ruthenium and Other PGMs from Spent Petrochemical Catalysts

The recovery of platinum group metals from spent petrochemical catalysts has economic benefits by protecting the supply chain of these valuable and rare metals, thereby helping to create a sustainable value chain in the petrochemical industry for catalysts.

Furuya Metal Co., Ltd

Platinum Group Metal recovery from spent catalysts

Catalyst wastes, including automotive catalytic converters and industrial catalysts, contain Precious Metals and specifically Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), which are valuable as a result of their low natural abundance, unique properties as well as the complex and costly processes that are required for their extraction and refining from primary sources. Furuya Metal Co. Ltd., Japan selected Tetronics to supply a new plasma system for the reclamation of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from spent catalysts.