Commercial process

Tetronics’ Commercial Process – What To Expect

Tetronics experience and technical expertise ensures all of our clients benefit from industry leading levels of support and advice throughout their journey from order placement to installation and commissioning as well as ongoing service and support. We offer a simple, step-by-step yet comprehensive process that is flexible enough to be tailored to a client’s specific need.

STEP 1: Assessment of Client

We advise customers on how best to integrate a Plasma Arc system into their process, either through the supply of a new stand-alone plant or as a retro-fit to an existing process, and the type of plasma device that would be the most appropriate for their needs.

STEP 2: Feedstock Analysis

To technically assess the suitability of a feedstock for plasma treatment, we provide support in reviewing chemical analyses (provided by a customer), before progressing the plasma project to the next stage

STEP 3: Feasibility Study

We are able to offer comprehensive suite of feasibility studies, to suit a client’s individual requirements; from desktop modelling through to onsite surveys and physical testing in our UK headquarters.

Desktop Studies

We can provide a comprehensive suite of studies from chemical analysis of raw materials and products, leachate testing and a variety of microstructural and materials characterisation tests. We are also able to thermo-dynamically model client’s feedstock’s utilising the latest software packages. Detailed 3D CAD drawings are also able to be supplied when looking at the installation of a plant within an existing process as well as new build.

Financial Modelling

 Our technology is able to be scaled and configured for local conditions and we work with clients to develop bespoke commercial models, detailing revenue, opex, capex and investment return, in-line with the client’s own requirements.

Trials (Plant running)

 We are able to offer clients live testing of feedstock’s in our plasma trials facility, the most comprehensive of its type in Europe. This enables clients to witness at first hand, plasma in action, as well as full visibility on the process, emissions and residues. All trials data is presented in a detailed, comprehensive technical report.

STEP 4: Environmental Compliance

We understand the importance of compliance during operation and have worked with competent authorities to support their understanding of plasma technology and the environmental impacts surrounding it.

STEP 5: Site Visit

During a site visit to the proposed facility, we inspects the suitability and infrastructure to make sure that the site is ready for the installation stage.

STEP 6: Installation

We maintain a highly skilled Field Service Team that are able to supervise client installation teams in installing a plasma plant, ensuring that the installation process is managed as proficiently as possible.

STEP 7: Commissioning & Training

During the commissioning phase, we ensure the inspection and testing of every operational component of the plant and to ensure its customers have received the correct training giving them the expertise required to operate their new plasma facility.

STEP 8: Ongoing Service & Support

All our plants are sold with a Technical Licence Support Package, which can be customised, if required, to a client’s individual needs.  In addition, we offer comprehensive, ongoing distance support to our customers to fulfil any requests as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether that be the ordering of spare parts or maintenance support.  We also understand that plant requirements change and therefore we offer technical/ process auditing and optimisation during the lifecycle of a plant to ensure on-going customers value.  Ad-hoc visits can also be arranged under our standard commercial waste disposal terms.