Nuclear Material Treatment

Enormous cost saving potential for nuclear waste disposal

Tetronics has a strong track record of working within the nuclear industry over the last 10 years on a range of demonstration and R&D activities, and especially in the area of intermediate level nuclear waste.  These activities indicate huge cost savings on the nuclear waste management and disposal.

Plasma primary benefits in treating nuclear materials

Tetronics’ plasma technology has a natural versatility that makes it an ideal choice to address the specific challenges of disposing of nuclear material  (both man-made and naturally occurring), partly because of its tolerance to different material types but also crucially because of its ability to transform the material into a stable and reduced volume glassy form. Tetronics offers the perfect cost saving and clean solution for one of the biggest hazardous waste problems – nuclear waste disposal.


How do we do it?

Tetronics’ plasma vitrification technology both reduces the volume and significantly enhances the stability of the radioactive material before intermediate storage and final geological disposal. The ultimate goal is to reduce the overall cost of managing nuclear waste and our assessments indicate that the likely lifetime cost savings of using plasma vitrification to stabilise radioactive materials amounts to billions of dollars globally.


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