Residues (Fly Ash & APC)

Providing Air Pollution Treatment solutions for over 20 years

Tetronics has been providing clean plasma technology to its customers for over 20 years particularly for the management of fly ash and Air Pollution Control residues (APCr) generated from incinerators and other Waste to Energy (WtE) processes. Tetronics offers world leading clean and cost effective technology to deal with APC and fly ash disposal.

Plasma Principle Benefits to APC and Fly Ash Disposal

Plasma provides a method for completely removing the hazardous nature of APCr and fly ash from thermal treatment processes while recovering the overwhelming majority of the material as useful by-products for resale and reuse, thus improving the environmental credentials of an WtE plant. Plasma technology is also unaffected by future variations in waste composition as APCr becomes more concentrated and more hazardous over time, in contrast with many alternative methods of treatment where such changes present considerable challenges. This gives the technology future-proofing against potential changes in taxation, gate fees and regulation, thereby removing a key business risk.

With the growth of this sector set to continue and the increasing stringency of environmental regulation, it seems certain that many more commercial APCr plasma treatment plants will be installed in the coming years. The integration of plasma with modern WtE technology virtually eliminates all secondary hazardous residues, thereby improving the overall environmental performance, and is an essential component of future sustainable hazardous residue management infrastructure.

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“Plasma is the most viable and flexible recycling system for APC residues”

Green Energy Parks, Technical Director