Spent potliner

Robust solution to spent potliner

Tetronics offers a safe and permanent treatment solution for Spent Potliner (SPL), thereby overcoming one of the biggest challenges faced by the global primary aluminium production sector. Tetronics’ robust solution to SPL treatment delivers leading environmental credentials for the management of this highly problematic waste stream.

Spent Potliner

SPL has been identified as an extremely problematic hazardous waste because it contains concentrations of cyanide and fluoride and gives off noxious and flammable gases when in contact with moisture. It therefore has to be disposed of in an appropriate manner.  The process chemistry in Tetronics’ patented plasma waste treatment technology is robust and tolerant of a fluorinated chemical environment. In fact, treating SPL using plasma also presents an opportunity to recover useful sources of fluorine and energy for the aluminium production process.

Tetronics’ plasma technology provides an innovative solution to SPL.  In a single stage and with only minimal pre-treatment, Tetronics’ plasma technology is able to recover valuable fluorine and energy – utilising its inherent calorific value as part of the process.  The remaining waste is then converted into an inert, non-hazardous vitrified material for disposal. In a sustainable manner, the technology is economically viable at a small enough scale to allow it to be co-located with primary smelting plants.  In doing so, this avoids the need to transport these unpleasant materials from a wider area and allowing it to take advantage of the low cost electricity.

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