Resource recovery

Delivering maximum returns for resource and precious metal recovery

Tetronics are the global leader in the supply of clean plasma systems for a wide range of resource and precious metal recovery applications. Our recovery solutions offer class leading recovery rates and are perfectly suited to treat a range of material streams, including, but not limited to the following:


Tetronics’ plasma recovery technology provides a global, yet localised solution for recovering valuable precious metals from the World’s fasted growing waste stream – e-Waste.

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Spent Catalysts

Tetronics plasma recovery technology has been used for decades to deliver rapid returns from the recovery of Precious Metal (PMs), especially Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from spent catalysts with class leading recovery rates and the lowest environmental impact and cost base.

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Ores/Mine Tailings

Tetronics patented DC arc technology has for many years offered an alternative approach to resource recovery that is capable of managing the challenges of treating and destroying any hazardous elements within the mining residues, whilst further refining the mining spoils for the extraction of valuable materials.

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Steel Plant Residues

Tetronics has extensive experience using their plasma technology to treat steel plant residues and other base metal bearing industrial and urban residues, allowing value to be obtained from wastes that would otherwise not be considered as a viable resource and would therefore be disposed of in landfill or stockpiled.

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