Ores/Mining recycling

Over 30 years’ experience in recovering value from mining ores and mine tailings

Tetronics patented DC arc technology has for many years offered an alternative approach to mining tailings management. Our solution is capable of managing the challenges of treating and destroying any hazardous elements within the mine ores and mine tailings, whilst further refining resource recovery mining spoils for the extraction of valuable materials

Plasma principle advantages in mining residues management

Tetronics offers metal recovery plants that are ideal for recovering valuable materials from a range of difficult-to-process powdered or particulate mining residues. Examples of the many such materials treated by Tetronics over the last 30 years include residues arising from the mining of Chromite Ore, Basalt, Platinum Group element bearing Ores, Ilmenite and Quartz.

How do we do it?

Mining residues contains a number of hazardous materials, which can have a highly damaging effect on local eco-systems, but also contains elements of value, typically precious metals. The plasma process is designed to preferentially separate the valuable metal and minerals from the residue material while destroying any hazardous elements. The less valuable material is vitrified into an approved, inert, reusable building product called Plasmarok®, in a single processing step.

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