Plasma Treatment: How it Works | Tetronics

Waste disposal and treatment – how it works

The intense temperature and ultra-violet light applied in the plasma treatment process results in an extremely high resource recovery rate and maximum Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DREs) of hazardous components for waste disposal and waste treatment.

The process for waste plasma treatment

Tetronics’ plasma‐enhanced process allows material feedstocks to be fed into a sealed furnace and heated in a controlled environment using a plasma arc created by either a single or multiple plasma electrodes/torches.

The process chemistry is designed to preferentially separate and recover the valuable metals, minerals and other materials from the feedstock while destroying the hazardous elements, leaving behind a non‐hazardous vitrified material. This vitrified material, called Plasmarok®, can be employed as a building product for the construction industry.

To understand more about our process, see the below process diagrams or feel free to contact us.


Plasma Process

  • STEP 1. Feedstock material is fed into a sealed furnace
  • STEP 2. Feedstock is heated in a controlled environment using a plasma arc
  • STEP 3: Plasma process preferentially separates and recovers the valuable materials
  • STEP 4. Plasma process destroys the hazardous components of the feedstock
  • STEP 5. Remaining material is transformed into a building product called Plasmarok®