What is plasma?

Plasma: a controllable, clean, high temperature and versatile heat source.

To understand our Plasma technology, it’s important first to examine what Plasma is. Plasma is simply an ionised or electrically charged gas, and is often described as the fourth state of matter, i.e. when energy is added to a solid (first state) it becomes a liquid (second state); with more added energy it becomes a gas (third state) and when further energy is added it eventually disassociates to become a plasma. Examples of plasma are lightning, sparks coming from static electricity, fluorescent lights, arc welding and the aurora borealis (northern and southern (polar) lights).

The superb operating performance of plasma technology combined with its unmatched environmental compliance characteristics provides the secure business option for the treatment of and recovery from spent materials and a clean alternative to fossil fuel based heat sources in industrial manufacturing processes.

Plasma is omnivorous, making it ideal for treating hazardous and industrial residues
Excellent operating and environmental performance
Broad versatility and controllability for exceptional levels of material recovery
Clean heat source, which does not involve combustion
Close process and environmental control whilst minimising plant operating costs

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