Services & Support

With over five decades of experience in developing and delivering plasma systems, Tetronics’ track record in advanced hazardous material treatment and resource recovery processes has resulted in more than 95 technology references across a wide and varied range of applications.

At the heart of our plasma technology is the dedication and commitment of our highly qualified and experienced technical team. Their deep technical competence and strong operational and compliance knowledge offers customers peace of mind and confidence throughout the project process.

We continue to work in association with many of our customers, both private and public, in developing upgrade and optimisation improvements to their systems. We pride ourselves in being able to offer specialist advice and on-going technical support with servicing and supply of spare parts for all our plasma systems.


Tetronics’ plants are built with a robust level of construction and minimal number of moving components in order to deliver outstanding plant longevity. When new or replacement parts are required, we endeavour to fulfil any requests as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure minimal disruption to a working plant. Customers can rest assured that when sourcing any components from third parties, we use carefully selected companies on our preferred supplier list, which is reviewed on a regular basis.

If you would like to order any spare parts, please contact us.

Field Services

Tetronics has a dedicated Field Service Team for the purpose of installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and in rare instances, repair of equipment. This multi-faceted, highly qualified team of engineers has extensive experience in applying the technology to an unrivalled range of applications.

Our field services include:

  • Supervision of commissioning and installation
  • Plant servicing (control, mechanical and electrical)
  • Training
  • Quality approved spares supply
  • Operational trouble shooting

If you would like more information, please contact us.

Technical Support

Tetronics is able to provide a wide range of technical support throughout all stages of project development to ensure efficient integration of your plasma system with the balance of your plant. Our highly experienced process engineers are on hand to assist you in designing a specialised process. In particular, offering advice on how best to incorporate a plasma system into your process, either through the supply of a new plant or as a retro-fit to an existing process.

We are committed to offering our customers the benefit of  over five decades of collective know-how and experience on a number of fronts including initial testing of the process material, through testing, design and procurement to onsite installation and on-going technical support and servicing of full commercial plants.

Some recent examples of client/licensee tailored activities Tetronics has undertaken include:

  • Waste stream characterisations and classification
  • Regulatory guidance, e.g. shipment of wastes
  • Plant licensing and permitting support
  • Technology benchmarking
  • Recruitment specifications for plant operative and their subsequent training
  • Preliminary engineering specification for supply chain engagement in support of the domestic procurement of ancillary equipment
  • Operational trouble shooting due to significant swings in feedstock characteristics and/or identity
  • Thermo-chemical process modeling / auditing and techno-economic optimisation

If you would like more information, please please contact us.