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Our Waste Management Solutions By Industry

Tetronics’ 50 years in operation means that our customers benefit from working with specialists who have experience in their particular marketplace. Our aim is to build long-term partnerships and work closely with our customers – often shoulder to shoulder with their management teams. The know-how of our staff combined with our field leading Industrial Waste Management solutions provides us with a real competitive advantage.

Every day, throughout the world, our team work with a variety of customers to solve practical waste management and resource recovery problems – in the following industry sectors:


Tetronics can help alleviate waste pressures faced by the construction sector by providing the most effective and flexible waste treatment solutions to deal with all types of hazardous wastes: from land remediation through to the treatment of Air Pollution Control residues (APCr) from incineration as well as the treatment of asbestos.

For more information on how Tetronics technology can enable you to dispose of a range of hazardous construction wastes in an environmentally responsible manner, select your waste stream below, or contact us for more information.

Metal Manufacturing

Tetronics understands the unique and often varied challenges faced by the metal manufacturing sector, such as the aluminium and steel industries.  We provide a range of solutions to help not only drive the recovery of metals from wastes such as steel plant residues, but also provide support in managing the disposal of any hazardous wastes generated during the manufacturing process such as Spent Potliner generated during aluminium production.

If you have a metal manufacturing waste challenge and need support with either resource recovery, hazardous waste treatment or perhaps both, then be sure to contact us or find more details below to your particular waste challenge:

Metal Refining

Metal refining and recycling companies can rest assured that leveraging Tetronics’ technology for their recovery projects, delivers the highest level of metal returns than all alternative technologies.   A slight increase in metal recovery rates can often have dramatic environmental, and in parallel, financial impacts particularly as sources of primary metals are becoming scarcer and harder to excavate.  The metal refining industry is increasingly being seen as an essential source of materials for manufacturing as well as playing a critical role in the conservation of natural resource.

Tetronics is working across the globe helping metal refining companies who are recovering valuable metals from a range of wastes, some of which can be seen below.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with us, contact us here.

Mining & Exploration

Due to the low natural abundance of the valuable material often contained within mine tailings, processing this waste often presents specific ecological and technical challenges that have made recycling and recovery operations uneconomic in the past. Times have now changed and Tetronics’ technology offers an attractive solution for processing mine tailings and ores – recovering the value while treating any hazardous elements.

For more information on how you can recover value from your mining waste, visit our Ores & Mining page, or contact us to discuss your specific project.


The nuclear industry creates some of the most challenging wastes in the world today. Typically, the waste is kept underwater for 3-5 years until the radiation decays to levels that can be shielded by concrete in large storage casks, where it can be held for thousands of years. The costs associated with conditioning, packaging and storage of these wastes are a challenge for the nuclear industry.

Tetronics has a strong track record of working within the nuclear industry over the last 10 years on a range of demonstration and R&D activities, and especially in the area of intermediate level waste. These activities indicate huge cost saving potential on the management of nuclear waste globally.

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Oil & Gas

Traditionally, the oil and gas sector has relied on High Temperature Incineration (HTI) and landfill in order to deal with their hazardous wastes. However, tightening regulation and social responsibilities are driving companies to look at more environmentally friendly methods of treatment for these very challenging wastes.

Tetronics has developed their innovative plasma technology to address the growing number of waste management challenges specific to the petrochemical sector, including the recovery of hazardous and chemically difficult wastes.

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The chemical sector is driven by the strictest safety and environmental regulations, which filter through every aspects of the business. This is particularly so when it comes to finding a solution to their hazardous organic waste challenges. Tetronics’ technology destroys organic wastes including Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and other types of Persistent, Bio‐accumulative, and Toxic (PBT) pollutants at very high efficiencies across a wide range of concentrations.

You can find out more information on our top-performing solution to organic waste and petrochemical wastes by selecting the links below. Alternatively, or simply contact us is you’d like to discuss in more detail.

Waste Management

Waste management companies are often challenged by their clients with finding solutions to varying waste streams. This can involve wastes that are highly toxic, contain valuable materials that need to be recovered or, in some cases, both. Tetronics’ treatment solutions are ideally suited to manage these diverse requirements.

To see the different resource recovery and hazardous material treatment solutions offered by Tetronics, click here.  Alternatively, feel free to contact us to discuss your project in more detail.

Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy facilities are a positive step forward in encouraging landfill avoidance and at the same time meeting our increasing energy requirements. However, operators of these facilities face the challenge of responsibly dealing with the hazardous fly ash and Air Pollution Control residues (APCr) generated from their processes. This is where Tetronics can help; with over three decades of experience in treating hazardous residues, Tetronics can support Waste to Energy operators in delivering maximum landfill avoidance and environmental benefits, while generating useful products from the residues.

To find out more about Tetronics’ fly ash and APCr treatment solution and the valuable products that can be recovered from this growing waste stream, click here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us.