Plasma resource recovery & hazardous waste treatment

Why Tetronics plasma solutions?

Tetronics is a leading environmental waste management company with 50 years’ global experience delivering clean plasma technology for maximum resource recovery and the highest levels of hazardous material destruction. 

A fresh approach to resource recovery and hazardous waste treatment using plasma

Resource recovery and hazardous waste management needn’t be a problem. Our technology is used to transform these materials into a safe inert product (recovering value if present) not to ‘dispose’ of it. We see everything as having an opportunity for a closed loop lifecycle. Societies discard items at a particular stage, yet that isn’t the end of the material. Most have the potential to be reused, recovered or recycled in some form in order to generate further value; so allowing the resource to effectively become an ‘urban mine’.

With waste being the only global resource not in decline, it makes sense that we change our behaviour to extend the lifecycles of our resources and maximise their value – a more sustainable and future friendly approach.

Our Vision

To enable a thriving planet for future generations, while making it financially beneficial for companies, shareholders and governments to make responsible choices for the environment and for generations to come.

Our Mission

To offer economically stable and viable methods of recovering resources from waste. Using our industry-leading technology and knowledge as an experienced waste management company to deliver maximum resource recovery and the highest levels of hazardous material destruction.

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Why Tetronics

  • Credibility of our reference plants and experience
  • Superior technical performance of our technology
  • Simple and robust process with minimal moving parts
  • Breadth and scope of our Intellectual Property – global patents
  • Low environmental impact & Near zero waste solution
  • Sustainable treatment and resource recovery solution
  • In-depth technical competence of our employees