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Proud to be the most experienced plasma company in the World.

Tetronics was established in 1964 to develop industrial and metallurgical applications for high temperature Direct Current (DC) Plasma Arc technology. Over the past 5 decades, it has developed an established reputation for producing high quality clean plasma technology for maximum resource recovery and the highest levels of hazardous material destruction.

Tetronics’ experience in material recovery processes and treatment for a range of resource rich, toxic, hazardous and industrial residues has resulted in over 95 technology references across four continents around the globe. Many of these facilities have been operating for years in some of the most challenging industrial environments across a wide and varied range of applications. Tetronics continues to work in association with many of these customers in developing upgrade improvements and providing specialist advice as well as spares and service.

Tetronics technology currently has 127 patents either granted or pending across 12 families. Furthermore, all Tetronics’ facilities and operations are accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certified by BSI.

As a pioneer in using plasma, our multi-faceted, highly qualified research and engineering team have applied the technology to an unrivalled range of material challenges. Our capabilities encompass everything from initial modelling/ feasibility assessment, pilot testing of the process material, through to design, supply onsite installation/ commissioning and on-going support of full commercial plants.

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